The land of opportunities

We are home of the most diverse group of people which makes us rank high in the music industry, fashion, movies and many other industries. Without our diversity, we wouldn’t be able to achieve what we have today. The people that made America what it is today are immigrants and their ambition to achieve something they are so hungry to achieve. So instead of putting up walls on our borders we need to free them. America has been known as the land of opportunities for the people outside the borders so why not keep it that way?

Why is immigration important?

Recently, the number of people born in the US has decreased tremendously meaning that the young people percentage is decreasing also. In the meantime, the old population is increasing and we are the ones that pay for their pensions through taxes. In the years to come we will be paying more and more taxes because we simply do not have enough young people to support the old population with pensions. For that reason we need more young people, but in todays society, women don’t give birth to babies as much for multiple reasons. That is why we need young, ambitious immigrants. People seem to think of immigrants as competition when it comes to finding jobs but in reality immigrants are the ones that allow us to pay low taxes and get pensions.

Source: https://www.inquirer.com/opinion/cartoons/immigration-jobs-trump-20190501.html

The public charge rule


According to President Trump, who developed the public charge rule, in order to enter the states you need to have a high level of education, have a job that pays really well and be wealthy. Why would a person who has all those things, think of moving to another place? Ken Cuccinell recently said,“We want to see people coming to this country who are self-sufficient”. He is the acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services. Cuccinell is an anti-immigration extremist who in the past has even compared immigrants with pest control, saying that Washington, D.C.’s pest control policies were worse than immigration because you could not “break up rat families” or “even kill them”. Some people call the public charge rule as the “wealth test” that will dramatically reduce the amount of legal immigration. It seems to me that illegal immigration is not the central drama anymore since it’s being taken care of with violence and deportation, but the Trump administration is aiming to stop legal immigration all together through the public charge rule.

Whats currently happening:

Source: https://me.me/i/when-an-immigrant-steals-that-dishwashing-job-you-really-wanted-1867104

Chances are pretty high that the person working in a cold corner shop late at night is an immigrant because no one would want to work that late for a crappy pay. Those tomatoes you just found on sale for less than 2$ were probably made by an immigrant who had to break his back to produce as much as he could for their price to be so low. That cleaning lady you see on the hallways at work, that construction worker on top of a roof in a summer day, that truck driver who’s never home. Those people are the reason you can go late-night shopping, the reason you get your mail so early In the morning, the reason your trash is picked up on time. Most of the time, Americans don’t consider doing these types of jobs because they have support from their family. As an immigrant, you have to start over so there is no one helping you. As a result, immigrants are forced to to some of the toughest jobs simply because they have no choice. In todays society, Americans seem to think that immigrants are stealing jobs when they are trying to make it through the month with a minimum wage. If you ever see an immigrant become successful, know that they worked twice as hard as their co-workers did.

Scary man vs little girl

If you read the some of the laws of immigration in America you will notice the word alien. This terminology is not only referring to people who are undocumented but even people who posses a green card. As a naturalized citizen, I went through many background checks before I was given a green card. I was a ten year old girl and I was being asked all sorts of things by an official standing in front of me wearing a suit and grinding his teeth, meanwhile I still had bows in my hair and loved to watch sponge bob every chance I got. Oddly enough they were questioning me and not the scary man. It was my status as a non citizen that triggered them. I was the alien.

Source: http://thecomicnews.com/edtoons/2019/0814/immigration/03.php



“We’re the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits.” says president Trump, but a quick search on google can prove him wrong. Our president does not like the idea a of birth right citizenship, officially known as the 14th amendment, a law which freed millions of enslaved blacks in the US and allowed them to have a citizenship if they were born in the US or if they can pass the naturalization process. In a way, not giving citizenship to enslaved persons meant that white suprematists could control them, but don’t you think that that’s what’s happening today? Aren’t immigrants just a metaphor for the blacks? These babies are only a threat to our president if they have a citizenship.

1891 Immigration act

Source: https://www.mercurynews.com/2017/01/30/cartoons-donald-trumps-immigration-from-mexico-to-muslims/

The 1891 Immigration Act was a renewed version of the 1882 Immigration Act which did not allow certain people to become American citizens. Those people were described as “idiots”, “insane persons”, and “paupers”(Immigration Act of 1891). These words were used to degrade immigrants into submission. Before the renewal of the 1882 immigration law, the United States wanted only those who could stand on their own feet without assistance. Recently, the Trump administration declared the public charge rule which denies green cards to people who are most likely to seek welfare which seems to be the same laws that allowed Americans to overpower immigrants in the 1800s. Slowly we are losing our fundamental laws that shaped our country to todays state.